Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers in Nashua, New Hampshire

do-not-text-and-driveDistracted driving is a serious problem. Drivers who text or talk on their cellphones pose a significant risk to others on the road – more than 3,000 people are killed in distraction-affected car accidents each year. While you’re behind the wheel, merely glancing at your smartphone for just a few seconds can end in tragedy: at 55 MPH, you cover the length of a football field in five seconds.

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Accidents Involving Cell Phones in New Hampshire

Distracted driving affects real New Hampshire families – the devastating consequences of distracted driving have been felt in communities across the state. Each year, several serious or even fatal accidents involving distracted drivers take place on New Hampshire roadways. As a result, New Hampshire lawmakers have taken action to prevent distracted driving accidents involving cell phones.

New Hampshire Laws: Cell Phones and Driving

Beginning July 1, 2015, it will be illegal to use a hand-held cell phone or electronic device behind the wheel in the state of New Hampshire. Law enforcement officers plan to strictly enforce the cell phone ban. Drivers can use Bluetooth or hands-free devices in the car, but there are certain limitations with respect to acceptable devices. This law complements the existing ban on texting while driving in New Hampshire.

If you are involved in an accident with a driver who was using a cell phone in violation of New Hampshire law, contact an experienced distracted driving accident lawyer right away.

Is Filing a Lawsuit Right for You?

Dealing with the aftermath of a distracted driving accident can be overwhelming, especially if you were seriously injured in the accident. Many people are hurt so badly in distracted driving accidents that they are unable to return to work.

Medical bills can pile up, causing victims to suffer additional financial hardship. At Gottesman & Hollis, P.A., we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Our trusted personal injury lawyers can help you develop a plan for the future.

Sometimes, it is necessary to file a lawsuit after a serious accident. A lawsuit may be the only way to secure compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit

If you were the victim of a distracted driving accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. By filing a lawsuit, you may be able to recover money damages that take into account:

  • The cost of past and future medical treatment, including long-term care;
  • Pain and suffering you endured as a result of your accident;
  • Lost wages due to work you missed following the accident;
  • Reduced earning capacity due to physical disability; and
  • Damage to your vehicle or other property.

An experienced distracted driving accident lawyer can help you understand the potential benefits of filing a lawsuit against the careless driver responsible for your injuries.

Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys in Nashua, New Hampshire

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