Case Results

  • Confidential Settlement
    Concussion & Leg Contusions
    Significant settlement for 46-year-old woman who was waiting for a ferry ride at a local amusement park, when she was struck by a falling tree limb that caused her to be forced to the cement below. She suffered concussion, and significant, deep contusions to her leg that prevented her from walking and working for many months.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Back & Knee Injuries
    Recovery through mediation for a 57-year-old electronics designer who was an avid, long-distance bicyclist, and who was struck by a 16-year-old driver who blew through a stop sign and struck his bike, throwing him onto the ground. He had severe contusions, back and knee problems, and a broken pinky finger. He also lost his very expensive bicycle that we were able to recover payment for.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Neck & Shoulder Injuries
    Recovery for a 33-year-old insurance salesman who was struck head-on when a driver coming the other direction decided to cross the double yellow lines in order to pass another car. Our client’s car was flipped onto its roof, where he hung until the EMT’s cut him down. He suffered long term neck and shoulder problems, despite the fact that there was no fracture.
  • Seven Figure Settlement
    Seven-figure settlement for a 15-year-old child who was raped by a student in the school in Manchester, NH. It was alleged, among other causes of action, that the school was negligent in its supervision of the situation, violated Title IX, by being deliberately indifferent to the situation before it happened, and then in the manner in which it handled the situation after it occurred. The students entered an area of the school that was known to be uncontrolled and inaccessible to inspection, for which the school, it was alleged, had prior notice. It was in that area that this incident occurred.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Catastrophic Injuries
    Settlement for the policy limits was obtained on behalf of a 20-year-old woman, as a result of injuries she sustained when the car she was driving was rear-ended by a driver of a truck who was driving at an excessive speed and erratically. The collision caused the woman’s car to leave the road, travel down an embankment, and rollover several times before coming to a stop. Our Client sustained several injuries, including lacerations of the head, a left frontal scalp ecchymosis, neck sprain, back pain, knee pain, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Broken Wrist
    64-year accountant recovers settlement for slip on the floor at Walmart resulting in a broken wrist and surgical repair required. Walmart failed to properly warn of a floor hazard when wet carts were collected in an area that allowed water to accumulate on the floor. No mats and no warning cones. With all the camera bubbles in the ceiling for camera coverage, there was no video of the incident, which was very unusual.