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Case Results

  • Confidential Settlement Catastrophic Injuries

    Our Client sustained several injuries, including lacerations of the head, a left frontal scalp ecchymosis, neck sprain, back pain, knee pain, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Confidential Settlement Concussion & Leg Contusions

    The client was struck by a falling tree limb that caused her to be forced to the cement below. She suffered concussion, and significant, deep contusions to her leg

  • Confidential Settlement Neck & Shoulder Injuries

    Our client’s car was flipped onto its roof, where he hung until the EMT’s cut him down.

  • Confidential Settlement Shoulder Injuries

    The Client suffered a serious shoulder injury when she fell, which required surgery.

  • Seven Figure Settlement Rape

    The students entered an area of the school that was known to be uncontrolled and inaccessible to inspection, for which the school, it was alleged, had prior notice. It was in that area that this incident occurred.

  • Confidential Settlement Back & Knee Injuries

    He had severe contusions, back and knee problems, and a broken pinky finger. He also lost his very expensive bicycle that we were able to recover payment for.

  • Confidential Settlement Broken Wrist

    64-year accountant recovers settlement for slip on the floor at Walmart resulting in a broken wrist and surgical repair required.

  • Confidential Settlement Neck & Back Injury

    Recovery for husband and wife who were stopped at a stop sign when they were rear-ended by another car and driven into the car in front of them.

  • Six-figure settlement Wrist Fracture

    client suffered a serious wrist fracture that required three significant surgeries over a three-year period.

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