Construction Accident Lawyer in Nashua, New Hampshire

New Hampshire state laws and United States federal laws govern many aspects of safety at construction sites. Nevertheless, thousands of construction workers are hurt on the job each year.

Many construction workers are injured so severely at construction sites that they are unable to return to work, causing their families to suffer extreme financial hardship.

At Gottesman & Hollis, P.A., we represent injured construction workers in Nashua, New Hampshire and the surrounding areas in workplace accident lawsuits.

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We represent victims of construction accidents in Nashua, New Hampshire and the surrounding areas in personal injury lawsuits and workplace accident lawsuits. 

Dangers of Construction Sites in New Hampshire

Far too often, construction projects are rushed, putting New Hampshire construction workers and other skilled  laborers at risk of serious injury or even death.

When construction project managers follow the regulations for active job sites set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the likelihood of a construction accident taking place is significantly reduced. However, our construction accident attorneys know from experience that these rules are not always observed.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a construction accident, contact us to discuss your rights. We are committed to providing our clients with aggressive legal representation that yields results.

Workplace Accident Law

If you were injured while working at a construction site, your employer may have told you that the only compensation to which you are entitled will come from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. While this is true in some cases, there are many exceptions to this general rule.

You may be able to sue your employer or another party outside of workers’ compensation insurance in the following scenarios:

  • You were injured by a defective product or defective vehicle while working at a construction site, including heavy machinery;
  • You were exposed to a toxic substance while working at a construction site;
  • You were injured because of intentional or egregious conduct by your employer or another employee;
  • You were injured at a time when your employer did not carry adequate workers’ compensation insurance; or
  • You were injured by a third party while working at a construction site.

This list is not exclusive, and there are many other situations where you may be entitled to receive money damages.

If you were involved in a construction site accident of any kind, contact an experienced New Hampshire construction accident lawyer to discuss your rights.

Damages in a Construction Accident Lawsuit

Many injured construction workers don’t know where to turn after a job site accident. Obtaining a fair settlement from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company can be nearly impossible. Workers’ compensation insurance companies often try to avoid paying injured construction workers’ claims.

Sometimes, it is necessary to file a lawsuit in order to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries. By filing a workplace accident lawsuit against your employer or another responsible party, you may be entitled to receive money damages that take into account:

  • The cost of medical treatment you required after your construction accident;
  • The cost of medical treatment you will require in the future as a result of your injuries;
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and mental anguish you endured as a result of your injuries;
  • Lost wages as a result of your inability to work after your construction accident;
  • Reduced earning capacity because of temporary or permanent disability; and
  • Loss of overall life quality, including time spent away from your family and friends.

construction accident lawyer can explain how the New Hampshire courts serve victims of job site accidents.

Construction Accident Lawyers Serving Nashua, New Hampshire

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