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What Sets Gottesman & Hollis Apart

The criminal defense attorney, Anthony Sculimbrene, has experience as a Public Defender for over 12 years. He has handled thousands of cases, including every single kind of case you can have in a criminal matter, from a juvenile case all the way to homicide. He even instructed the training for new lawyers at the Public Defender’s Office. He has completed multiple state-wide trainings, both for the Public Defender and for the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He brings an incredible amount of experience in criminal matters.

Gottesman and Hollis has been in New Hampshire since 1978, and has a great involvement locally. There’s a reason why when a big celebrity gets charged with a crime, they will at least contact a local lawyer in the area where they got in trouble. It is a huge advantage to knowing all of the players, as Gottesman and Hollis does.

Our attorneys know the local prosecutors personally, many of them on a first name basis. We know the staff in the court, where to go, and people to call. If there is an issue with DMV, we know how to get in touch. You can’t find out just by looking at somebody’s resume, or looking them up online and trying to follow their cases. People that have experience in the court system, that know the players in the court system, can give people a huge advantage.

As a Former Public Defender, Anthony Sculimbrene Has Seen It All

As a Public Defender, not only did Mr. Sculimbrene become familiar with criminal law, but it also provided him excellent training on defending criminal cases, and gave him experience with people in the court system. He knows who the clerks are in the Milford District Court. He know swho the person is at DMV that does hearings examinations. He knows the person at the front window for the Supreme Court when I have to turn in my copies of the case for appeal. That advantage makes it easier for him to take a case, makes it easier for help somebody go through the case, and it gives them a certain degree of confidence in knowing, “This is what comes next, this is the place I’ve got to go, these are the people I’ve got to see.”

Because the the Public Defender’s office had such a high volume of cases, and such a diversity of cases, it gave him an experience in researching and writing on a wide variety of criminal cases. If you go to somebody who hasn’t been at the Public Defender and doesn’t have that experience, they may be starting from scratch on researching how to defend a certain kind of case. Whereas in all likelihood, having worked there for 12 years, he has done that case, and filed motions on those kinds of cases.